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Welcome to the Kingsville Astronomical Society. We are dedicated to learning more about our universe through actual observations and through discussions at our meetings. Astronomy and observing is an exciting hobby and there are many enthusiasts in our local community and throughout the Coastal Bend.

Last month’s meeting was better than expected. We had quite a turnout with several returning members and a few new faces. Charles presented an excellent lecture on imaging using the Orion Starshoot CCD camera. We were all very impressed by the thoroughness of the presentation. This month’s meeting will feature a video presentation on the sun called “Solar Blast”. If the weather permits we plan to use the 16″ telescope after the video. Don’t forget we have the observation night out on 18 Nov 2006, at La Copita Ranch. Yes, the correct date is Saturday, 18 Nov 2006. I plan to set up around 5PM. Please note that the next week during the dark moon phase, Oct 19, TAMUK will be having an open house or public viewing with the telescope. TAMUK can use some assistance with the public viewing – including directing people to the observatory, handling smaller deck scopes or binoculars, answering questions – and also letting people know about this event in advance to help get the attendence up. Dr. Hewett is heading the operation and will greatly appreciate any support KAS can offer.

The transfer to the new web hosting service is complete. We now have our own domain name www.kingsvilleastronomicalsociety.org. I have included a guestbook for visitors to sign in and let us know who is viewing our site and hopefully leave some positive feedback. I am going to create a Swap Meet page also to allow our members to sell astronomical items to others in our community. Ask for details on how this will be accomplished.

Our first meeting this fall will be held September 14, 2006 at 7:30 PM.

The Kingsville Convention and Visitors Bureau and the South Texas Wildlife and Birding Festivval asked for KAS to help out with a Star gaze. I have already made arrangements with La Copita Ranch to hold it on the 17th of Nov 2006. Please let me know if you can attend and help out.

Jason has sent out an email asking for volunteers for the upcoming Deep South Texas Stargaze. I have posted an “Under Construction Page” for the upcoming event. Please let Jason know what you can do to help with this years event. If you have any further question contact him at [email protected]